Long Sleeve Calm Dress shiro


Long Sleeve Calm Dress shiro



過ごすことができるように考えられて作られた『Calm Dress』です。






SIZE: S size / 身長161cm迄の方におすすめ
着丈:122cm ※バックネックポイントより
ウエスト:74.8cm ※ベルト上部

M size / 身長161cm以上の方におすすめ
着丈:132cm ※バックネックポイントより
ウエスト:78cm ※ベルト上部


English is below.

Long Sleeve Calm Dress kuro

This loungewear is made with a generous amount of organic cotton fabric and is all about elegance in silhouette, volume, and button placement. The organic cotton is woven in a herringbone pattern, creating a fabric that is soft to the touch.

This Calm Dress is made for your time at home and is designed to bring a calm, beautiful, refined, and comfortable ambiance to your moments of relaxation.

The snaps, hooks, and zippers on the side make it easy to wear, and the sleeves have elastic inside the cuffs so you can easily roll them up for activities such as washing up.

It's luxuriously double-layered to prevent underwear from showing through (though colored underwear may still show slightly, so we advise against it).

The design allows it to be worn in two different styles, front and back, so you can pick the style that suits you best according to the occasion.

At LIFESTYLIST, we recommend size M for people taller than 160 cm and size S for people smaller than 160 cm, so you can select the silhouette and size that suits your preference.

Please refer to the size chart below. We kindly ask you to check the size chart before purchasing.

S size / Recommended height is under 160cm
Length **122cm (47.6 inches) from back neck point.
Shoulder width:35.5cm
Waist:74.8cm ※Belt
Sleeve length:54.5cm
Sleeve width:22.5cm

M size / Recommended height is up to 160cm
Length **133cm (52.4 inches) from back neck point.
Shoulder width:36.5cm
Waist:78cm ※Belt
Sleeve length:56cm
Sleeve width:23.5cm

*We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but please check the size carefully before purchasing.

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