Leather Notebook Bag

¥ 46,800

Leather Notebook Bag

Canvas Notebook Bagのレザータイプです。


ジッパーには、定番のCanvas / Leater Bagと変わらず、美しいフォルムと耐久性を持つYKKのエクセラジップ/ゴールドを使用しております。


SIZE: <34cm×25cm×15cm>




English version is below.

Canvas Notebook Bag

The size is A4 size.
It is the perfect size for a standard document!

It uses the cotton canvas which uses high quality organic cotton produced in western Turkey that was shipped to Japan and was woven under special order at Marushin Industry which holds about 100 years of history as a manufacturer of Kurashiki Hampu in Kurashiki city, Okayama prefecture.

It is the product from the heart, where one artisan made each piece wholeheartedly through an entire process of cutting materials and sewing.
YKK's EXCELLA (gold) which features beautiful form and durability is used for secondary materials.

Cotton canvas fabric with a classy appearance is not only used in various occasions, but also is durable and can be washed, and is the product which can be used for long time.

The same design comes in leather, so please kindly consider this also.

SIZE: <34cm×25cm×15cm>

※ More information about our leather items:
Each individual leather item can be seen as having it's own unique texture and history.
These may not be for everyone, but just as individual people all have their own peculiarities such as different skin tones, as well as moles and birthmarks in different places, we like to think that cows have just as many individual quirks.
And, although the cowhide used to make LIFESTYLIST products has been handled by master leatherworkers who use the greatest care and skill to bring out it's texture as leather, some products will retain these individual quirks.
Also, because cowhide varies in texture with some areas being more stiff, and others being softer, each different area requires a high level of technique to process. Considering the difficulties of processing the cowhide, we regard even some portions that are typically discarded without being used as part of nature's bounty, and follow a philosophy that seeks to reduce the amount of discarded material as much as humanly possible.

One by one. Since each product is made by hand by a master leatherworker, each product has its own individual differences.
And, as you use your leather product, you'll be breaking them in with your own hands, resulting in a beautiful gloss.

No two leather products are the same.
We hope that you'll add your own story to the material nature has provided, and the product that's been shaped by the hands of a master, and enjoy watching the way it changes over the years to come.




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